TRANSMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH, Germany

In 1970, the Plasma Physics Section has been established at the 1st Institute of Physics, headed by Professor Dr. H. Löb. The R & D work was focused on rf-ion thrusters and their spin offs. After retiring of professor Hors w. Löb the Electric Propulsion group is set directly under the director of the 1. Physics institute and is headed by Dr. Davar Feili. This section is working both on fundamental and applied physics. The main research points are dedicated to electric propulsion. The institute houses an electric propulsion laboratory. One large space simulator and several smaller chambers are available. The test chambers are equipped to test micropropulsion thrusters and to perform thermovacuum tests. The electric propulsion group uses TRANSMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH for contractual and patent aspects. The TRANSMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH was founded inter alia by central Hessian universities Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, University of Applied Sciences Giessen-Friedberg and Philipps- University Marburg, in order to make the potentials of the universities accessible in a professional manner and shorten the distance between science and commerce.
University of Giessen has a lot of space related experiences ranging from thruster development within nation and international programmes to qualification testing of RIT thruster for Artemis.
TRANSMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH / University of Giessen will contribute to μFCU with their test facilities and their unique in-depth know-how on μN-RIT microthrusters.
UGI also provides experience with low flow measurement. Students from the 1st Institute of Physics will work on the allocated project tasks, learning about space technologies and flow control unit aspects.
Administrative Contact:
Michael Haberland
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