Innovative Sensor Technology AG [IST], Switzerland

The company Innovative Sensor Technology was founded in 1991 and is specialized on development, production and sale of thin film temperature, flow and humidity sensors. Especially for flow sensors IST uses it’s outstanding stable platinum thin film technology for designing resistive structure based flow sensitive layouts optimized for different requirements of industry and sciences. Unless sputtering platinum IST’s technology includes thin film depositions of Ni, NiCr and Au at ceramics, glass and polymer layers. About 20 years after founding the company could set up a highly flexible customizing sensor development and manufacturing technology with competitive cost frames from idea to serial finished sensors and sensor modules.
IST owns a well experienced application development know-how to fit thin film sensors with highly innovative signal processing circuits. Main focus is high resolution and ultra low power signal processing ASICs for flow and humidity sensors with user programmable areas. First space experiences have been gained with PT-100 thin film sensors.
IST has ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001- 2004 certifications. Currently IST AG employs about 140 people.
IST will contribute to μFCU with flow sensors and sensor integration know-how.
Administrative Contact:
Thomas Schönstein 
Industriestrasse 2
9630 Wattwil
Phone: +41 71 987 73 73 
Fax: +41 71 987 73 77