AST Advanced Space Technologies GmbH

AST Advanced Space Technologies has been founded in June 2010 by Dr. Hans-Peter Harmann who has more than 15 years of space experience with a special focus on electric propulsion and system engineering. AST is specialized on testing and test facilities namely large space simulators. Within this activity AST is designing and realizing complete test laboratories starting from the analysis of the underlying device requirements to be verified and ending with development of specialized diagnostic equipment and support to implement suitable test procedures. It works in close cooperation with Dr. Harmann Technology Consulting, a consultancy firm also founded by Dr. Harmann. Based on the long term experience in electric propulsion AST has started an activity in component development and production for electric propulsion subsystems.
AST will contribute to μFCU with system engineering know-how and in depth experience on electric propulsion system development and testing. AST will bring in its customer centric view on space components and will ensure awareness of space QA processes. After successful completion of the project AST will be responsible for the further commercialization of μFCU.
Administrative contact:
Dr. Hans-Peter Harmann
Zeppelinstraße 9b
28816 Stuhr